Team Deadgame Fight School

Never-ending Perserverance

That's what Team Deadgame is about...

Knowledge.  Discipline.  Technique Expertise.  Ring IQ.  Fitness.  

These are the components that one can expect to embody with consistent practice and training alongside our knowledgeable coaches at Team Deadgame Fight School.

It's not about LOOKING like a fighter.  It's about the strategic development and ringside resiliency that brings excellence to the surface for each individual in their unique way.

We honor the process, we don't circumvent it.  Our methodology has developed professional and amateur fighters.  It has also increased the overall athleticism of our fitness clients.   

This has rang true since 2008, let's see what greatness we can uncover within you.  

We are a USA Boxing Registered Gym.  


You ready to make some changes?

What sets us apart

Our coaches are highly experienced  |  Our boxers are accomplished   |   Our clients are satisfied.  |   Our record speaks for itself

Customized Sessions

We know that everyone learns differently.  Our coaches work with you to develop a tailor made plan to assist in discovering the ways to increase your engagement and unlock the doors to your expression of excellence.  

1-on-1 Coaching

Our 1-on-1 Coaching gives you personalized instruction that support your overall development in the pursuit of your individual goals.   This positively impacts problem solving, develops resiliency, and encourages self-actualization.  

Team Dynamic 

The team synergy helps foster a level of accountability, inclusion, and support.  This provides additional opportunities for growth and boosts your personal improvement.  

We Care About Our Community

Team Deadgame C.H.A.M.P.S. Youth Program

Chasing Higher Aspirations by Magnifying Progressive Success...One Jab at a Time.  

The C.H.A.M.P.S. youth programs' overall goal is to positively impact youth development outcomes in the local area.   We aim to develop and reinforce resiliency skills, strengthen conflict resolution capabilities, and provide a safe, supportive environment that encourages their participant's confidence and self-belief.   

Our mentors will be assigned to the participants according to age category and specific goals.  They will provide quality guidance, advice, feedback, and support.  Each mentor will continue to work with their assigned youth for the duration of the program for continuity and structure. 


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